Here at Copies Plus More our staff is more than experienced when it comes to your printing, advertising, and promotional needs. 

Thomas K - Owner

Thomas has a vison for the company to eventually reach beyond Connecticut and become nationwide. He brings extensive knowledge when it comes to business operation.   

Diane M - Manager

Diane has been working with the company since February 2017, starting off as a customer service specialist and making her way up to store manager. Diane oversees the daily operations of the store ensuring everything runs smoothly and the customers are happy. She's one of the many reasons why this company is as successful as it is.

Cyan G - Customer Service Specialist 

Cyan has been with Copies Plus More since December of 2019 as our Customer Service Specialist. She is the face you will most likely see when entering the store. She brings a level of professionalism when it comes to dealing with customers and handling all situations. She is also one of the many reasons why this company is as successful as it is.

Jonathan P - Technology Specialist 

Jonathan is our newest employee here at Copies Plus More and brings his knowledge of computers to this company. He is responsible for for constantly updating our website to bring customers the newest information about our products. He also is working with clients to help them create company websites for them and manage there social media accounts.

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