Binding & Laminating

Clear Covers
binding_clear_cover_190.jpgThese covers are spill and tear proof. They show off your title pages and come in a variety of thicknesses. Covers are available in clear. Quantity discounts available.
Black Covers
binding_black_back_190.jpgThese Eco friendly binding covers are made with 100% Post Consumer Recycled Content. Present with confidence using these stylish green solutions. Covers are available in black. Quantity discounts available.
binding_combbind_190.jpgCombBind let pages lie flat for note taking and photocopying. Use machine to add and remove pages for quick edits. These durable spines won’t scratch, chip, peel or discolor. They come in various sizes depending on the number of pages being bound. Pricing starts at $1.00 each.
binding_proclick_190.jpgMake presentations stand out with this fast, easy binding style. ProClick lets pages lie flat with 360° rotation for convenient note taking and photocopying, and it lets you easily add and remove sheets with a special editing tool. Pricing starts at $1.00 each.
Perfect Bind
binding_perfect_bind_190.jpgPerfect binding is a popular option which gives results similar to paperback books. The bind consists of various sections with a heavier paper cover, glued together at the spine with a strong but flexible glue.
Saddle Stitch
binding_saddlestitch_190.jpgStapling through the centerfold, a process called saddle-stitching, joins multiple pages into a single magazine-style issue. Comic books and are a well-known example of saddle-stitching.
Laminating Pouches
binding_lamination_pouch_190.jpgWe use the pouches to protect your wallet size cards. Nothing shows off your ideas better than GBC® HeatSeal® lamination supplies. You’ll experience brilliant color, superior protection and crisp, professional results with Ultra Clear and Crystal Clear pouches. They’re perfect for any project. Pricing starts at $2.00 each.
Roll Laminating with Nap-Lam II
binding_naplam_190.jpg The weight is measured at 3mil. Lamination is a clear polyester substrate coated with a low-temperature copolymer adhesive. We are able to laminate up to 24 inches wide and prices begin at $3.00 per square foot.