How to Prepare Your File for Printing

Are you always in a rush and last minute? Many of us are. In this section you will find some helpful hints to make your printing experience is as painless as possible.

Have the answers to the following questions ready:

1.       What is the finished size of your project?

Are you trying to get two small flyers on one 8.5×11 (letter) size paper? That would make your finished size 8.5×5.5. Not sure? Need suggestions? Just ask us. See hints for designing your project.

2.       How many would you like?

Be sure to specify the number of sheets or the total amount that you want to end up with. This can be two different numbers if you have multiples per page. If we reference the example above and need 100 (8.5×5.5) flyers but we have two per page we will need to order 100 total or 50 sheets.

3.       Would you like it printed in black/white or color?

You can absolutely design your project in color and then we can print it in black/white. Keep in mind that you can order some in color and some in black/white. If you are ordering in black/white but design in color keep in mind that when we convert the file to black/white that the colors will be shades of gray. You may not want to use lighter colors such as yellow as they will not stand out.

4.       What type of paper would you like?

We have many types of paper. If you are passing out flyers you may want to keep costs down and stick with regular copy paper. If your project is for a business presentation you may be looking for a nicer paper. We will ask you if you prefer a text (lighter weight) or a cover stock (heavier weight) which is closer to business card type paper. You may also have the option of a gloss or matte finish.

5.       Do you need your project with any finishing options?

This would include cutting (like the flyers we discussed), binding, padding, folding, etc.

6.       When do you need your project completed?

You should call us in advance if this is your first time printing with us or the first time printing this project. If you have the answers to the questions above we can tell you what our print schedule is like and when we can get your order completed. We try to complete small projects in a 24 hour period.

Rush Jobs: If you have a larger job such as 1000 brochures, consider placing the order and then accepting a few hundred as soon as our print schedule allows and then the balance at a later date. We have many customers and try to complete projects as soon as possible but if you need your project before our schedule allows we will need to apply a rush fee to your order as we will need to put your order ahead of others.

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