Hints for Designing Your Project

Design for the finished size.

The most important thing in printing is to design your project for the size you want it printed. For example: If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Publisher you should go to the document size and change it to your desired size.

We highly recommend Publisher to anyone who wants to design their own projects. There are many templates, document sizes and layout options available.

Let’s say you want to design a 24×36 poster for a trade show or display. Using one of the two programs above go to the tab or drop down to change the size of the document. Plug in 24×36 and make sure it displays either landscape or portrait depending on how you need it. If it’s incorrect then go back to the options and switch the numbers. New versions of these two programs allow you to switch between landscape and portrait without having to reverse the numbers.

2.       Margins are the next critical part of the design.

For smaller documents such as 8.5×11 you will need to stay at least one eighth of an inch away from all sides of the document. This is due to the digital printing equipment that we run. It is possible to shrink your document slightly but we don’t recommend relying on this option.

For large format such as the 24×36 poster we recommend staying about one inch away from all sides. All programs have rulers on both sides of the page for your convenience.

3.       Turn your document into a PDF.

This step is highly recommended if you have the capability. There are many different versions of programs and thousands of fonts. A PDF file usually guarantees that your document will print as you designed it. We will accept other types of files but will ask that you proof the project before printing to insure that graphics and fonts stayed the same when we opened it on our computer. We take no responsibility for incorrect finished products if the proof process is waived.

Did this go over your head at all? Don’t worry about it. Give us a call and we will walk you through the steps and do what we can to help.

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